Family support

Outreach worker’s mandate

Connecting with families that have children under 17 years old and offering them various types of support according to the family’s specific needs. This support includes linking parents with the various programs, events and resources available on the territory to meet their and their family’s needs.

«As an outreach worker, I keep myself updated on the events, projects, services, etc. that are happening in the Collines-de-l’Outaouais. My goal is to facilitate families’ access to all available resources that could enhance their family life. Concretely, I could help you find resources if…»

-  you’re looking for employment;

-  your family needs support (emotional, financial, material, etc.);

- you’re looking for interesting activities;

- your child is entering preschool;

-  you’re looking for food services (food assistance, collective cooking activities, etc.);

- you need to socialize;

- etc.

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« We will have the chance to meet during local activities, events, as well as on the different Web platforms! »

Hopefully we'll meet soon!